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URCap view design in CB3 series

Hello Everyone,

Would like to know about URCap view design (style) in Cb3 series (Using JAVA Swing). Is there any docoment available for style guide? (Color, Font etc.?). I got the style guide document for e-Series and not for the Cb-series. Any help appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

As far as I’m aware, there isn’t a style guide document, however PolyScope will generally take care of the look and feel of GUI objects like buttons and sliders etc, so you wont need to set the font, text size and colour to make each component fit in.

With regards to sizing I’m not aware of any guides, so just go with what makes the UI look good, and the right LayoutManager can make this much easier, check out this Visual Guide to Layout Managers

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Hello Sam,
Thanks for the information. Will refer to the layout managers guide.
Best regards

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General rule of thumb is, that your UI should follow the same look and feel as general PolyScope.