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Detailed information request on HTML subset support

I’m programming URCaps for CB series, so Java Swing is not an option for me.
I’m starting this post due to the lack of detailed information on what the HTML subset supports and what does not.
I’ve dedicated too much time trying to do some HTML stuff, common an easy things, that make it a timeconsuming blindfolded search…

In the case that concerns me right now, I need to show to the URCap user a problem with an HTML dropdown list.

My ideal option would be to have it outlined in red. Is that possible? How?

What I ended up doing is this:

  1. I tried to put a warning icon close to the dropdown.
  2. But images are not supported inside a form
  3. I separated the form in several forms.
  4. I was dificult to place in position on the screen, since forms are not allowed inside divs.
  5. Finally, after too much time, it was working ok in my SDK simulator (3.6…)
  6. But now is not working in a real CB3.1 controller with 3.6.1… software.

Please, give us detailed info on the currently supported HTML subset, and maybe extend a little its capabilities. Or add java swing support for CB series. Thanks!

Hi @dmartin

CB series can support java swing if you upgrade your robot to a newest software. If I’m not wrong, form 3.6 to 3.8, the Polyscope support java swing.

Take a look at this topic


Thank you @flopez!
I had been told it wasnot supported for CB series, so I didn’t even try it. I’ll try it asap.