Missing URCap in Installation Tab

When I add my URCap to the Robot and then restart, I get this warning in the Installation Tab. Everything works still fine.
Why do I get this warning?

Here is the screenshot: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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I get the same error, have you found a solution?

It looks like he has 2 versions of the CAP, and the Installation file was saved with an old version. You may be having the same problem. If you don’t then verify that the CAP is actually correctly installed in the hamburger menu in the top right. You may have an invalid manifest or something else that is preventing the CAP from installing correctly

Sorry I have hogged your thread.

Do you not have an example of a valid manifest, I have previously seen an error showing a manifest error.

Not really. I’ve never known why it sometimes says it’s invalid when I push the CAP to the robot remotely. I find that if I first delete the CAP from the robot, then install it from a flashdrive I never get the invalid manifest error.