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UR Caps tab in "Structure" is gone

I somehow managed it to get rid of the UR Caps tab in “Structure”. I tested all simulations (UR3 to UR10), downloaded the newest version of the UR sim and even tried both virtual machines. Is it possible to delete/hide the tab actively, so I can make it show up again?
Thanks for help

I just found the root of the problem. I used the CSS property “position” to arrange several radiobuttons and text in the “programnode.html” file, which seems to have caused the missing URCaps tab. I did not expect Polyscope to react that way to a misstake in the HTML file, especially since there is a post about an error occuring when having a HTML misstake/ unsupported HTLM code. --> HTML Problem occurs

Maybe both topics can be merged since they share basically the same solution: Stick to the API docs!

If there are no program nodes contributed by URCaps (hence the URCaps tab would be empty), the URCaps tab will not show up.
Basically it only shows up, if there are any program node contributions from installed URCaps.