URCap Sample: Tool Modbus RTU URCap

Here is a sample demonstrating how implement a Modbus RTU connection on the tool connector:


Thanks a lot !

But could we have an example of use ?
Because I need to communicate by rs485 with the DH-Robotics gripper and I would like to send him this data “01 06 01 03 01 F4 78 21” so I convert it to decimal, but it’s then too long for an int.

(Manual for DH-Robotics gripper http://en.dh-robotics.com/?attachment_id=22937&download=1)

Hi @sam67500du

I have updated the readme with a sample for the OnRobot VGP20.

I am not able to access the reference for the DH Robotics gripper. But the datastream could look like a write to register 0x0301 with the value 0xF401.
If that is the case your URScript sample would look like this:

tool_modbus_write(769, 62465)  #(0x0301, 0xF401)
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Thank you for your answer and example.
I have another question, does it work with usb port ? Because I’m using an rs485 / usb converter for the gripper.
Or it only works with the rs485 port located on the robot head ? I should have made it clear from the start sorry.

Not out of the box. But in the Python Daemon source code you can change the ‘/dev/ttyTool’ to your USB dongle. That should do the job.

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