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RS485 tool communication on e-series

Anyone have an example of how to setup/read/write to the tool communications port in a URCap on e-series robot?

The “set_tool_communication” from the script manual seems strait forward. however, What are the commands to read and write to it?

I believe this topic covers the same.
The Tool Communication Interface is only available as a TTY-resource in the OS, and should generally be accessed using a daemon.

Thanks I saw that thread but still confused. Maybe part of the problem is I do not have a physical robot to use yet.

Can someone explain what a TTY-resource is on this robot. Sorry if this is obvious to some people. I’m new to the linux OS also.

I assume like other functions when writing a URCap I need to access the RS485 through Java and also python/URScript during run-time.

Forgive my ignorance here. Thanks in advance.

OK looking at this more.

Is the ONLY way to access this port by creating a daemon process to interact with it?

If so that’s fine. At least I will have a clear path to pursue. So far, we have been able to accomplish everything we need to do without one. More new things to learn…yay…

In Linux, a TTY-resource is like a COM-port in Windows.
And the TTY-resource is only accessible using a daemon in a URCap, that can open and send/receive from this port.

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Is there any specific example on how to use the robots rs485 tool communication?
I want to send some messages via rs485 to an end effector or for a start to a notebook.

Sorry total beginner here…

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Try this: GitHub - UniversalRobots/Universal_Robots_ToolComm_Forwarder_URCap: Utility to forward the UR Tool Communication Interface (RS-485) to a ROS remote PC.