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URCap 1.4: general questions regarding style guide, load/save, remote control


I’m currently working on an URCap for the new eSeries and I’m unsure about some ascpects:

  1. The style guide defines several color schemes. Can these color schemes be used on all the GUI
    elements or only on some specific ones?
    E.g. can the red and green colors be used for (toggle) buttons or only the blue/gray one?

  2. Does the style guide allow videos in a toolbar, e.g. to explain certain steps? Or are videos forbidden at all?

  3. Loading/Saving of URCap specific settings.
    I’ve noticed that the DataModel object (e.g. of an InstallationNode) is not written to the installation automatically
    when turning off the robot anymore (compared to PolyScope 3.X on the “old” CB3/3.1 robots).
    Instead one has to manually store the installation by hand. So the user always has to remember to save the changes to the installation file when altering some setting in an InstallationNode.
    One possibility to “solve” this would be to read in the installation file within the URCap Java code and write the changes to it from code. But I guess this is not allowed by the URCap guidelines?

  4. I’m not sure when switching between remote and local control is really necessary. I can often send robot script code to port 30002 and it will be executed just fine while beeing in local control mode. Sometimes it seems I have to switch to remote control first.

Thank you very much

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Being able to save Installation from code would be great!

This topic was closed, due to multiple unrelated questions.

@artiminds - please open a topic (if it doesn’t already exist) for each of the questions above.