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2 matters of the URCaps

In my URCaps,I have 2 questions:
Firstly: My URCaps includes a select control, but it works not fine:
If my code is:

The “Load/Save” will be activated every time when I click my URCaps. And if my code is:

The “Load/Save” was be activated and the first option was selected by default at the first click after turn on the Robots.
So , how could I conserve it ? Hope your help!

     Secondly: In my URCaps , there’s an input control to be used to be input with IP-address. So I hope it works as the same as the “Modbus Client”.
               How could I conserve it ? Hope your help!
     Thank you very much!

@jbm How could I conserve this two matters?

I believe the subjects are equivalent to this topic.