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Storing settings to installation file automatically


I’ve noticed that the DataModel object (e.g. of an InstallationNode) is not written to the installation automatically
when turning off the robot anymore (compared to PolyScope 3.X on the “old” CB3/3.1 robots with URCap 1.2).
Instead one has to manually store the installation by hand. So the user always has to remember to save the changes to the installation file when altering some setting in an InstallationNode.

One possibility to “solve” this, would be to read in the installation file within the URCap Java code and write the changes to it from code. But I guess this is not allowed by the URCap guidelines?

Thank you very much

The URCap should not try to overwrite the saving of the Installation file.
The user is responsible for saving the Installation, when the user wishes to do so.

That the Installation is not saved, when the robot shuts down, may be qualified as a bug.
We will investigate this.

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As a background, we’ve tested the HelloWorld, UserInput and an URCap from us. They all have in common that the DataModel object is not written to the installation file when powering off the robot. This has been tested on URSim and the real robot (UR5e),
the content of the installation file has also been checked with a text editor.
Manually saving the installation file before powering off the robot did help (the DataModel object is written).