UR5e not reachable with profinet


We have a problem with our URIOdev and modules that are not reachable. We have followed universal robots profinet guide and also some tutorials from this forum.


We are using siemens S7-1200 1211c firmware v4.4
TIA portal v16

The error messages that pops up is module not reachable.

have you added a connection on the topology view, also? I had the same problem and then I added the connection in topologi view and the problem is solved.

I have this problem as well

Can you ping your robot from your computer? :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t connect the UR to the PLC in the Topology view. You will probably get a warning/error when compiling.

The first video tutorial does not mention assignment of device name in TIA. It’s a very important step.
Have you assigned device name to the URIODev1?


Try rebooting the robot after changing its IP address , the topologic view of tia portal´isn´t neeeded.
I had this problem and i went mad until i thought of just rebooting the robot ,as soon as it powered on , PLC turned green , i am not sure if it wa sluck or maybe that UR doesn´t relaly change the address until it reboots .

Hope it helps!

I have completed this step yet I am stuff unsucccesfull

rebooting did not fix the problem

If you send your robot program (urp and installation) and TIA project, I will take a look at it. :slight_smile:

ur_2017306928_2022-11-04_09-15-44.zip (5.5 MB)
Universal robots project.zip (1.2 MB)

I think that you mean these files correct?

You do not have a router between the PLC and UR, right? :slight_smile: If you do, try without it.

Also I recall having trouble before using a custom PROFINET Device Name. Give it a try with automatically generating a device name. :slight_smile:

After changing it to automatic, you will of course have to reassign the device name for the UR.

The 1215 PLC has 2 profinet input so there wasn’t a need to use a router.

I have no idea how but after leaving the robot alone over night and starting it up now it suddenly seems to work.
Thanks for the advice even if it seemingly wasn’t nececary

There’s not a lot of people i can go to to get this information so im bothering you again.

I have connected my plc to the robot and im wondering weather i am able to control it’s joint via the plc. Do you know something about this?

Not directly over PROFINET, no. You will have to write a variable to a program in the UR, which then receives it and moves the robot. :slight_smile:

You cannot control the robots motion directly from profinet. You would have to create a program running on the robot that behaves as a data consumer, retrieving joint coordinates or cartesian positional information from the PLC, doing the appropriate handshaking with the PLC to know when it has valid data to make a move, telling PLC when it is done with a move, etc. This could be done using user-defined registers such as booleans/integers/floats (we call them General Purpose registers within UR documentation).

Hey there BBA,
I understand how to use the user-defined booleans/integers/floats.
I don’t quite understand however how i can get the Robot to use the information from the booleans to move it’s joints.

Is there a guide on this issue?

There is no guide for this. You have to develop your own logic to make this happen.