Unable to connect UR10 and UR10e to plc using profinet

Hello there,

My name is Toon and I am a student following the mechatronics education.
for my exam project I need to connect a universal robot to a plc (and more of course haha) but I seem to be unable to do that.

We have a UR10 (3.15.6) and a UR10e (5.11.10) on my school and i have both of them connected to a tp link in which are also my laptop and a 1214C dc/dc/dc are connected. Using proneta i can see that both of the cobots are reachable

but when i try to connect them with tia portals to my network, after having named them set their ip correctly. And after some tries i was able to connect one of the robots to the plc.

After which i copied and pasted that one and renamed it as to hopefully get the ur10 to work too. but from then on i have not been able to connect either of the robots again…

and it just keeps saying not reachable.

Is there any way to get a more detailed desciption of the problem from the robot or in tia portals (v17)?

If you just copied and pasted
it sounds like you have an IP address confict
Make sure both robots have different Ip addresses in TIA V17 and match the individual IP adress of each physical robot.