Problem with PROFINET communication

I have some problems with the communication between robot and PLC.
I use a Siemens S7-1200 and a Universal Robot UR3.
When I connect robot with PLC, the connection run but with one error that say: “Couldn’t activate IO device module for controlling the IO’s. Another device might be controlling the IO’s.”
My PLC change its status in Error, in UR1 block diagnostic I have a problem with module 8_O2T Robot IO_1
I attach a couple of photos of the errors

Thanks for the support, I waiting for an answer,

hi @davide.antonel02

How´s your HW-Config looking?

I´m working with a S7 1212C and a UR (but a UR10e).
Its working fine.

Could you maybe click a pick of ur HW-Config?

Regards from Luxembourg!

Hi, I have done the configuration but when I go online, one of the PLC module change is status in Error. I attach the photo of the PLC error

Thanks, I waiting for an answer.

What does it show when u “double click” on the red symbol?
It should give u details about the slot 8.

Sorry for delay in response but I’m a student and I have access to the robot only in the hours when I’m at school.
Tomorrow morning, when I get to school, I’ll send you everything you ask for.
I’ve not specified before but I have a S7-1215 DC/DC/DC update to version 4.4

Good morning @davide.antonel02 ,

no problem at all.
The PLC itself should be fine. For now I´m using a 1212C but will exchange it to a 1215C soon.
“Stupid” question, but are you sure that u didn´t define the same Output adress to an another devide/ card…?

Just have a look at the HW-Config. I´m pretty sure once u click on that “red” symbol of your card “8_O2T_RobotIO_1” it will tell you whats the issue.

Let me know what kind of information/ diagnostic you will get.
Maybe i than i can help you.

Greetigns from Luxembourg!

Good morning, this morning I connected the system and two other errors appeared.
I’m sure, I’ve not define the same output to another card.
On the robot profinet configuration there is another error that say “couldn’t activate the IO device module for controlling the register, another device might corolling the register”
Now also the 9_O2T General Purpose Registers 1_1 and 10_O2T General Purpose Registers 2_1 doesn’t function.
it is possible that the error is the gripper? I mount an URcaps RG2

Good morning,

It´s possible, but I´m not sure.
Do you have a gripper connected to that connector?:

Yes I have the gripper attached to the robot, as you can see in the photo, the gripper is the only IO device.
This morning I’ve tried different situation, the robot not initialized communicate without problem with the PLC,
but when I initialize the robot, with the arm unlock without brake and with gripper, my PLC goes in error state.
The software uploaded onto plc was projcted following the instruction on UR guide and YT viedos. I also use the example tia portal project from UR guide

Did u check if the settings of the Tool are OK?:

Check if the Voltage Range fits to ur gripper. And i´d crosscheck if its NPN or PNP

I fixed the problem with the ProfiNet.
The solution was very easy, i wrote it for other users.
On the teach pendant were enabled in the same time ProfiNet connection and EtherNet connection,
I suppose that the IOs were shared with the other type of communication, I disabled the EtherNet connection and everything works fine on ProfiNet.