Problems in communication via profinet between Siemens ET200SP and UR16e 2

Hi all

I am having a problem in communicating via profinet with a UR16e together with a Siemens PLC ET200SP.
The Profinet on the UR is enabled but it does not go green and connected stays yellow and running.
The PLC gives me the the following error when tries to connect to the UR:

IO device failure - Time out in acyclic PROFINET Services

What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance.
Kind Regards

Hi Ugo,

I had the same issue and I just managed to solve it by updating the software version of my UR16e robot.

Generally, this error happens when there is a mistake in the setup for Profinet on the TIA portal. GSD file, and the network setup on the robot. First of all, make sure the GSD file that you are using matches the version of the robot software.

The IP, and Profinet device name assigned to the robot can also be the problem. Please make sure the IP you assigned to the robot is unique in your network.

The following are several links to discussions about this issue. They might be helpful.

Ok thanks, yes I can confirm that the problem was with UR16e software version I was using 5.11.9 I switched to 5.13 and it worked.
How can I understand from the GSD file what version of the robot software to use?

Thanks once more masoud!

To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to figure out the version of robot software from a GSD file.

For the UR16e, the version of compatible software is mentioned on top of the webpage you download the GSD file.