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UR3e profinet communication with CPU 1214C issues


I am trying to create a profinet communication between SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-1200 and UR3e.
But Head module and its Modules are not reachable in TIA Portal project.
UR3e has a profile name and IP address.

What should i check?

Best regads, Kiaan


I noticed that you are using a router, try to use a snet mask like: for both. Also keep your I/O assignments in order (for example 0…11, 22…23, 34…36, etc.) - i am always start to assign the I/O for each robot with 100, or if is the second with: 200, etc. because in this way you leave enough space for PLC I/O …don’t know if it’s help, just as organizing in I/O . And last thing, check firewalls! I had issues also with blocking communications using Profinet through TCP

Also, make sure you are hardwired to the network where the UR is attached. WiFi/VPN does not allow the MAC address search that Profinet uses to find devices on the network. Once you have assigned the device in TIA you can go back to wireless or VPN.

hi Favaki.
I would like to know if you already solved this problem and if so, would you share the solution with me.