UR5E no connection (failed to connect to any network)


I’ve tried everything from connecting to different networks/routers, but it seems that no matter what I do, the robot won’t take an IP address. I even tried connecting the robot directly to my PC via Ethernet, but that doesn’t work either.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? Who could guide me on the right path?


Have you set the IP address in the Robot?

What are you trying to do with the connection?

The screen you have shown is for Ethernet / IP which is an industrial communications protocol. generally used for connections to a PLC (Master)

I had absolutely the same situation. Can you explode the problem a little bit more? How to you try to connect from the beginning?

Go to Hamburger Menu >>> Settings >>> System >>> Network >>> DHCP / Static IP
Write down IP in your PC/Router from DHCP.
Also, Disable Ethernet/IP adapter at the same place where you are in the picture.