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Robot Software Update Failed

Hi everyone,

I tried to update my UR10 (CB3.1) software to 3.12.0 (previous version was 3.11.0) but got a problem.

During the extraction of the .urup file I got a message saying that there were an issue during the extraction of the file. After trying multiple time, I rebooted the robot.

Since then, Polyscope is not starting. I can access the other TTY, but nothing on TTY7. Moreover, a message is displayed on TTY9 : “Unable to access jarfile /bin/*.jar”

Do you guys know a way to solve this problem.

I’m thinking about creating a new bootable USB key with the Robot Image Software, but not sure that it’s going to work.

What are your thoughts on it?

Thanks, Jorge

Yes do that. If you’re going to use the same disk copy your robot configuration files and any programs off the disk first. Links at the bottom of this article should help:


Thank you very much, @ajp