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Polyscope not booting

I am using UR10e. Initially I had polyscope with 5.31 and then I updated it to 5.10. Later on, I tried to downgrade again to 5.3.1. After installing the 5.3.1, polyscope is not booting. Screen flashes twice and after that it is completely black. During the installation, there was no error.

Did you follow the Legacy guide for updating the Robot properly? From how you put it; it sounds like you should have gone from 5.3 → 5.4 → 5.5 → 5.10.

Edit: Look at the Note on the Legacy Guide about Downgrading. It looks like it currently is not supported and will cause issues like you are seeing.

Thanks for your reply. I followed incremental update procedure.
Is it possible to recover the system?

Hello Miftahur,

It should be possible to flash a new image to the USB-drive. You will find information regarding this on the Legacy Download Page, as well. Go to the section ROBOT IMAGE LEGACY (FULL IMAGE).

Make sure to follow the procedure explained in the guide. :slight_smile: You will need to at least back up your calibration files and move these to the new image.

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Thanks @efn. I have checked the guide for image installation. I do have few queries.

  1. Guide says, e-series controller use SD card. How can I access the SD card? I am unable to locate it. I only see usb port in the teach pendant.
  2. Do you have any contact for Universal robot support?

That’s my bad. There’s no USB drive in the e-series. :slight_smile: the SD card can be located beside the fuse and Teach Pendant connector inside the cobtroller.
You’ll need a card reader to flash the new image.

I’m a technician at BILA in Denmark. We’re a Danish distributor of the robot, so we’re basically Universal Robots service/support, too.

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Thanks @efn. I will try the solution.