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UR10e 12.5KG? Buyers question

So, on the universal website it says that the UR10e can now support 12.5kg

My company wants to buy a UR10e but i need to know if this 2.5kg of capacitie was a software lock or a hardware lock.

If we get a UR10e now and its the “old” version, will a software/firmware update unlock the 2.5kg or do we need to invest in hardware upgrades?

Hi Kevin,

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The 12,5 kg version will start shipping next month. Certain upgrades have been made, both on the hardware and software side, so you need this specific version in order to use it with 12,5 kg.

Just make sure that you specify that it’s the updated UR10e that you want, when ordering.

Has the accuracy also been inproved (was 0.05 i believe . can’t find annything about it)

Thank you for the responce.

I will pass this on to my college`s.
I think will get the old version, they want one within a week or 2.
Mayby will get a second one later on with the 12.5kg.

Again thank you for the information.

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No, the Pose Repeatibility is still +/- 0.05 mm.

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