DSLR Mount for UR10e

Hi all -

I’m looking to mount a DSLR to a UR10e to conduct some photogrammetry - could anyone recommend mounting hardware, is there any on the market? or will I need to make something bespoke.

Priority here is rigidity so camera priors can be reused



I’ve used things like the following links before successfully. Not performing very dynamic motions though. There are more rigid camera options out there that are camera model specific, I don’t think you need to make something bespoke. Do a search for camera grips or brands like Small Rig, Benro, Three Legged Thing

Leofoto PL-150 150mm Long Lens Support Plate (photo-shop-studio.com.au)

or this

Fotolux BL-130B Universal L Bracket Plate (135 x 126mm) (photo-shop-studio.com.au)