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Check out the new UR16e

Hello Everyone!

UR just released the new UR16e! Here is a brief overview:

Swing by our product page to find out more about the new addition to the UR family! UR16e!


Always nice with some more options, and better lifting capacity.

We have had a few customers where the parts were just outside the reach of the UR10, however. With the UR16e it will still be outside the reach, as the 900mm isn’t enough to reach into the machines with those heavier parts.


Great! That’s true depending on the application there may be some need to get creative with external peripherals to help get both high payload and long reach.

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Does the 16e have full ROS implementation? My company is thinking of buying one for research puproses, but we need full ROS support / SDK, for example to generate paths from a ROS PC, integrate collision avoidance sensors etc, and visualize the data in RVIZ, as opposed to developing in URcap.

If it can support ROS moveit that would be good, however do you offer something similar to the Rethink Sawyer
/ Intera SDK? We are currently using their robots but considering alternatives.

PS this should probably have been a new topic but I do not appear to have posting permissions yet unfortunately.

Ross Lloyd
Q-Bot, London

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@ross.lloyd Sorry for not seeing this earlier! Yes you can find out more on the implementation of ROS through the link below, hope this helps!

The example uses a UR10 calibration data, but I would imagine you can modify the calibration data to reflect the UR16e.