UR10 mounting on table of 8080 profiles

Dear Robotiq community

I’m planning on mounting a UR10 robot in the center of a 720x720x720 mm table with 8080 aluminum profiles for pick and place operation. The weight of this table would be around 50 kg and will not be bolted to the floor. Anyone experience with this type of setup to estimate whether this is sufficient to prevent the table from tumbling over or the robot moving/vibrating the table?

Thank you for your time.

It’s likely that you will get significant vibration through the table.
and your Table will in all likelihood move around the floor, if its not bolted down.

I had a UR5e in the centre of an Aluminium extrusion table 2000mm x 2000mm x 1000mm and experienced quite a lot of vibration, and had to add extra structural support and fix it to the floor to stop it.

That would be a ok setup for training / testing of the UR, but i agree it will be an issue for a full production machine.

Thank you for your quick replies!

I increased the size and weight of the table and added structural support. I expect it to be finished by December, I’ll let you know the final specifications and findings.

Take a look at vention.io/designs for examples of just how big tables and supports should be

Just coming back here to let you know that we bought an UR5 instead of an UR10. The 50 kg table handles the vibration fine.