UR Manager ( Backup tool)

Hi together,

please find my Windows example for a automated backup process.

Include your robots and start a automated backup process with some predefined intervals.

The open source code will be released later this year.

Please find the solution on github:

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Will there be a version for Unix systems? Linux or macOS?

well, i have not been planning to have create a version for UNIX or macOS system.

Please note:

This software (UR Manager) is not an official product and not related in any manner with the company Universal Robots.

Hello guys,

from now on the tool becomes much easier with the import/export functionality.
Save your robot config in a .json file and import it if needed.

please find the update in github:

Hi all,

I am happy to release the new version of UR-Manager.

New functionalities:

  • Remote robot update (only with connected USB-Stick!!)
  • Custom Admin password box
  • Choose if you want to have a backup or update the robot

please find as alway the new version on github: