UR 10e Stuck in Safeguard Stop

Thank you in advance for your help.

The company I work at has had a UR 10e that has been dormant in the back of the shop for about 2 years. We just powered it on as it is going to be sent out and we need to use the “put into box” program. When the robot is trying to start up it immediately gets stuck in a safeguard stop. 2 of our other working UR cobots have safeguard reset buttons and one does not. This one in the I/O as well as safety I/O is not showing any safeguard stop reset.

From what our maintenance team has told me, there is a part of the EOAT that was removed and the wires have just been snipped and are laying there, but are still plugged into the box. This is the only thing that I believe could be causing it as the rest of the bot is exactly the same as it was when it last ran.

Thank you

Where are those wires going? You should have something wired into the SI0 and SI1 ports on the controller. You just need 24V there to disable safeguard stop. My guess is those cables that are now snipped were somehow providing the 24V to those inputs/