How to Reset the Safety of the Robot after E-Stop/ Protective Stop

Good morning together,

my UR10e is connected to a Siemens PLC.
Now when i press the E-Stop, i want to reset/ acknowlede the Robot via Dashboard Sever Signals.

What is the sequence I have to do?
Which signal has to come first?

I know that there must be different order/series of Dashboard signals depending on the “Stop”.
It has to be distinguished whether its a E-Stop or a Protective stop.

Is there any manual (Step by step guide) on how to reset the Robot?

  1. Close Safety PopUp–> 2. Release Brake…

  2. Unlock protective stop-> 2…

How can i from the PLC side detect in which order I have to send which signal?

For now i tried to do it according to the signal “Safety Mode (INT)”.

I can reset the Robot from PLC when there was a E-Stop pressed.
I can reset the Robot from PLC when there was a crash detected.

I cannot reset when there was a crash and then someone presses the E-Stop.

Would be nice if there is a manual on how to activate the robot after E-Stop/ Protective Stop.

Hopefully someone has any Idea.

Thank you in advance.

Greetings from Luxembourg!

Hello Kadams,

Your questions are very interesting.
I can’t help you since I am trying to figure out these things as well.
We have a UR10e and I need to find a way to detect a protective stop during a movel action.

Do you happen to have an idea how to do that?

Sincerely from Germany.

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Grüße aus Lux!