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Turn off a Digital Output when Emergency Stop has been pressed


I’m looking at how I can turn off a Digital Output when the Emergency stop button has been pressed. I am currently working with a eUR10 and have a welding whip attached to it. its been working well for small jobs, but I emergency stopped the program and the IO was stuck open leaving it welding until I manually switched to the IO tab and shut it off.

any suggestions on how I can make this a bit safer?

If you are using a Digital Output you can look at using " set_runstate_standard_digital_output_to_value(outputId, state)" which will change the state of the Digital Output when the program starts. You can see the different “states” in the URScript manual. You can also set this up in the Installation Tab as well by going to Installation → General → IO Setup then click the Digital Output you are using and change the “Action in Program” to your desired state.

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