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Safety config output error

Hi all,

We want to configure a configurable digital output as the safety emergency button state, no problem changing it on the safety IO installation, but when starting the program we have the following problem:

set_runstate_configurable_digital_output_to_value: Cannot write configurable output(0), since it is used for safety purpose.

We have checked, and there is no place in the program where we use this digital output.

Has anyone faced this problem before?

Many thanks

Hi @josep.gassetteixidor ,

If you can see a “%” symbol on the page below, it means you set the runstate for this signal but at the same time you also appoint it as a safety function which is “system emergency stopped” here.

I suggest to go to the safety->I/O page to change the configurable output as “unassigned” first and then go to General-> I/O setup to cancel the % symbol by setting the output runstate as none.

Finally, come back to safety->I/O page again to set the “system emergency stopped” to the signals you want to appoint to.

It should solve your problem.