Safety signal, when robot is not in emergency state

I am currently working on the project, where UR10e has pneumatic gripper, therefore I have a soft start air valve that sould be connected to safety output. The air has to be off whenever robot is in emergency state and turn on again after confirmation.

I cannot use the System Emergency Stop output, because then air is on imidiatelly after relasing the E-stop button without any confirmation. I cannot use Robot Not Stopping either, because ther air will be off during safeguard stop.

Is there a way to solve this problem without using additional relays?
Thank you in advance for help.

BUMP to this because. I was wondering the same thing just from the point of view of an indicating red light when the robot goes into System Emergency Stop. When releasing the red mushroom button the red light turns off and it shouldn’t because the error was not deleted on the teach pendant. Have you figured it out in the mean time?


Unfortunatelly I didn’t figure it out.
Instead I used safety relay and additional physical button. If you need, I can share, how I connected everything.