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Trying to connect UR10e to my laptop for real time Log Viewer use

I am trying to connect the UR10e robot to my laptop and record data from the robot in real time using Log Viewer. I connected the robot to my laptop with an ethernet cable and assigned a IP address to the robot in the hamburger settings->system->network->static address. When I hit apply it says network enabled with a green check but when I try to run log viewer and enter the same IP address in the record data tab, this is what I’m getting. It’s unable to connect for some reason. I allowed inbound and outbound connections to/from log viewer in the firewall settings but no luck. Any help appreciated.

Have you tried pinging the robot from the PC? The other possibility is that security was setup on the robot to prevent a remote connection. Go to ‘hamburger menu’ → Settings → Security and check accordingly.

My system ethernet address was off. Modified it to same range as the robot IP and it works!