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Translate/rotate point relative to a feature plane

I’m running into an issue where I’m trying to move to a point relative to a feature plane. I’ve done this successfully before using pose_trans but for some reason it isn’t giving me the correct position.

Desired location relative to Plane_1

X= 0 mm
Y= 0 mm
Z= 300 mm

Rx = 180°
Ry = 0°
Rz = -45º


Plane_1 = p[0.28744, -0.96651, 0.00903, -0.00673, 0.00832, 1.57096]
Plane_1_offset = p[0,0,0.3,3.1416,0,-0.7854]
Plane_1_new = pose_trans(Plane_1, Plane_1_offset)

Expected Result:

Plane_1_new = p[0.28775, -0.96364, 0.30902, 2.89452, 1.19925, -0.00721]

Actual Result:

Plane_1_new = p[0.28775, -0.96364, 0.30902, 1.97712, 1.97703, 0.60404]

Its calculating the x,y and z position correctly but the Rx, Ry and Rz are off. I’m sure there is something simple I am missing but I’m struggling to find it. :confused:

Nevermind, I answered my own question. I just needed to convert the RPY degrees to rotation vector values before doing the pose_trans.

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