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Tool Communications Interface (TCI) RS485 communications with external tool MCU

We have a microcontroller inside an end effector tool that we want to communicate with using the TCI. We have enabled the TCI from the Installation Tab. We have an RS485 adapter in the tool that we can connect the TCI RS485+ / RS485- wire pair to. The adapter will then be connected to an MCU that will control the tool functions.

I have read through the discussions about RS485 communications but can’t put together a complete plan to connect up the parts and send a simple high/low message to the microcontroller from the robot controller.

Can someone point me to the first step as a starting point or refer me to a super genius who can implement this for us?

@jmb I see that you have written on this topic but I still don’t know how to get a communications test message to go from the Robot Controller to a device connected at the Tool I/O. Can you help with a simple step-by-step procedure starting from enabling the communication in the Installation tab through executing the command that sends the message such as “hello world” or 0 changing to 1?

I have used RS485 to communicate with device on the Tool via Modbus RTU. Communication was made from daemon written in C++. If such communication would be helpful for you and you have questions about this topis, let me know :slight_smile: