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Software Update Error

I’m trying to update our UR10e from to the newest file provided by UR “update-5.11.0-build10.8.249.urup” and I’m getting the following error message:

Just in case the image doesn’t post correctly the error reads:
“There was a problem unpacking the update file:

I tried downloading the files a couple of times from the UR website and have also tried using different USB thumb drives with the same result.

I updated 4 robots recently with 4 different types of drives. 3/4 worked okay but I got the same error as you with one of them. I reformatted it and it worked once before giving an error on a 5th robot.

Most likely there is not enough space on the filesystem. Take a look at /programs, and /root folders if they don’t contain any extra data. Ssh to the robot, and
du -h -d 1
will give you nice overview.
Worst case it SD card can be reflashed with new image.

How much space does this system update require? When you say worst case is the SD card can be reflashed are you referring to the Robot Image Legacy Update, rather than the standard update?

We get that in pretty much every robot we update in the fleet. It’s the USB stick you are using. It has never affected anything. Just hit ok and keep proceeding has been our standard operating procedure.

When I hit ok it doesn’t do the update, how are you getting the update to load? I think I will try to reformat the USB stick and see if that might take care of this issue.

Good point @mbush, some USB stick brands don’t work very well with our controllers. Try another USB stick brand.
Update needs about 300MB free on /root. Updates that skip few major released may need more.
More information about failure should be in /var/log/ur-update.log file.

Must have been a USB formatting issue. I was able to get the update to work after reformatting to FAT32 and removing all other folders & files from the USB other than the software update.


Generally, I get that error when I hit search, I just click ok on all of the errors and then click update on the one that I selected. Glad reformatting helped. I did an update yesterday and did not get any errors this time so who knows.

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