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Slow program start/stop on CB 3.0

Hi all,

We have two UR5 robots and an UR10.
I’ve upgraded them to recently and one UR5 and the UR10 are taking a lot of time to start or stop the program.
It can take up to 30 seconds to start or stop the program. The other UR5 is as fast as always when starting the exact same program.

Is this a known problem or am I experiencing strange behaviour?

Best regards,

Yes, some types of programs take longer to start on 3.4.x. We’re looking into the problem. Program run is not affected. You can upgrade to 3.4.3, as there were minor improvements in program loading area.
Could you share what version the other UR5 is running?

Note that is can also be the case, that you have a CB3.0 or CB3.1 controller. See this topic.
On the outside they look the same, but the CB3.1 has far more processing power.
Main visual difference, is that the CB3.1 has a USB drive as drive, where the CB3.0 has a CF flash card.

Them are all running on (apr 03 2017) and are all CB3.1 controllers.
They’re not always slow, neither one has problems starting the program today. It’s very random.
When I have some spare time on hands I might try the new firmware.