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Single-step doesn't work in grouped (grey) node blocks?

When using single-step it does not step through groups of nodes that are grey.

In the below image there is a large group of nodes in the palletizing group that I cannot single step through (I collapsed some of the nodes to clean it up).

Some of these groups have well over 100 nodes and debugging those areas is difficult at best.

Is there a way to make it so we can step through some of these nodes?

FYI, I’m not talking about nodes that are suppressed, those nodes do not run in the program.

I haven’t really used things like palletizing, and other nodes that have a lot of children. Does it let you tap on the line number to insert a pause on that line? I tend to use this almost as much as using the “step through” button. I’ll just tap a bunch of line numbers in a row to insert pauses at each one and then just keep resuming.

No, that doesn’t work inside these groups. That’s one of my go-to’s for debugging.

It also does not work in force mode groups, grip check groups, or basically any group that greys the number.

The grey areas are code that is generated using a template. The nodes in this section are not executable lines, they are set-up information for a more complex “under the hood” set of code that will be executed.

You might find the breakpoints useful also during debugging. See User Manual section 23.5. Using Breakpoints in a Program

As I mentioned earlier, breakpoints do not work in the grey (template-generated) nodes.

Well it’ll be kinda hacky and gross, but you could insert a "wait until [insert digital output here] " command all over the place and then toggle that output on and off via the pendant (or an external button if you want to be able to keep watching the program screen). Basically just forcing your own breakpoints into the templated instructions.

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A blocking popup could do the trick as well but would not be the smoothest solution

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These two look like the best way forward, until UR digs in their heels and gives us real debugging tools. :stuck_out_tongue: