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Step By Step Program control

Step by Step Program Control

Should be able to run the program line by line, it would make it easier to diagnose faults in the program then having to keep running the program till the fault occurs

because the pop up fault in the script or code is not very descriptive and being able jog upto the issue will be able to find the problem faster

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You can do that by adding “pauses” to the program by clicking the line numbers. If you do this with every line you can step through each of the “paused” lines.

ok my next suggestion if that’s the case, Have the option to pause all lines of the program so u can untick as you go. It would be tedious having to pause 500 lines off program.

You can single step through most parts of a program without adding pauses. It doesn’t seem to work in my pallet nodes (shaded blue) but just about everything else works.

When your program starts (or gets close to the area you want to step through), hit the PAUSE button on the bottom of the screen. That will enable the button next to it (between the PAUSE and STOP buttons). Click that middle button and it will step to the next node. Press that same button every time you want to step.

See image.

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If you’re using version 5.6+ you can add break-points and single step programs, see Release note Software version 5.6.x.x (universal-robots.com)

I mentioned how single-stepping doesn’t work inside a pallet process. The release notes you posted do not mention any limitations.

Are there other things that will prevent single stepping?