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Interaccion with native and third-party nodes when selected in tree

Hi you all bit-writters!

I find myself in the need to:

  • Know what node is currently selected in the program tree
  • Be able to identify and get this programNode instance
  • Be able to configure it -in my case, just WayPoints and Mov nodes-.

This needs to be performed when the program is stopped, while the user is programming the robot.

  • Adding a marker interface to native and third-party nodes: Among other ideas or leads to pull… I have used the marker interface technique with some of my URCap nodes, so that I can identify some of them using traverse and ProgramNodeVisitor.

    Is there a way to do this with native and third-party nodes? Of course, I don’t have access to their code, but can I wrap them somehow in a transparent way?

    For example, I would like to mark the move and waypoint nodes inserted by my URCap. But how can I do this?

Please, tell me any clue or idea you may have. Thanks a lot folks!!