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Simulation software

Hi guys,

we are currently looking into simulation software. Most of them seem to only work one way: Create program in software → upload to Robot. Is there some kind of software were I can do it the other way around? Upload the .urp file into a simulator. Other than the Polyscope simulator of course since I would like to be able to create the actual workspace within the simulation.

URSim. It runs in Linux (you’ll need a virtual box (like Virtual Machine) to run it on a PC).

I haven’t figured out how to get it to recognize my Robotiq grippers so it’s not of much use to me.

I hear Solidworks has a simulator package but haven’t looked at it.

I think he is looking for an alternative to that. something with a 3d environment. I would assume this is possible with Octopuz but it is expensive. RoboDK is a bit cheaper but I’m not sure if you can import your .urp there.

Hi @dominik.schwaiger ,

I know you can actually do that with Technomatix Process Simulate, it’s a software from Siemens.

The only disadvantage I found is that you have to convert all 3d elements of the cell to .jt or .cojt extension. There is an addon to convert from common part files and you may avoid this if you already work with Solid Edge.


working with process simulate.
you can import all popular CAD formats to PS. PS convert these automatic to JT. (JT was certified CAD format)

after the import you can create you own robot path or simulation with real logic. (tools, acc, payload,…)
you can download script and URP files.

after the real world you can upload your path to ps and work on it.

Other way:(VRC)
you can load your CAD data and connect PS to URsim.
on this way you have all real robot code in URSim and the collision detection or material flows in process simulate.