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Recommended URSim Setup

What’s everyone using to simulate their proposed robot setups?

Are you simply running the virtual machine on your workstation or do you use a dedicated hardware setup? Or are you using a physical UR controller to conduct your simulations?

I’ve been using RoboDK to create a process simulation, but I’m finding that the simulation is skipping move instructions due to resource issues (I think). As a result, I’m not trusting the cycle time predictions I’m receiving, so I want to optimize my simulation setup.

I think I would like to use the UR Simulator or a spare, physical UR Controller to get realistic motion predictions, and use the RTDE interface to output the joint positions to RoboDK so that any resource issues only affect the frame rates and not the actual cycle times.

Running URSim on virtual machine is quite slow. I have installed URSim on Linux Mint 18.3 KDE and it works great. I think it is even more reliable than real robot (UR5 e-Series). RoboDK has installation files for Linux (Ubuntu).

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Have you ever used Lubuntu linux?

Hi John and all UR users,

I am Jason from RoBIM. We are now developing an offline programming tool for the UR robots, named RoBIM. Our team has spent one year focusing on developing a cloud-based and visual programming tool for simulating, planning, and controlling the UR robots. Now, we are glad to announce that the RoBIM UR package beta version is officially released. I sincerely invite you to try it and leave any comments or suggestions for our better developments. Thank you very much.

Also, It is my first time posting information on this forum. Please let me know if it is appropriate to leave comments like this.

Here is the link of RoBIM: https://www.robim.net/urpackage

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Hi Jason,

I like it thus far! I am very familiar with Unity game engine so it was nice seeing it get used in this capacity. I was able to program a little pick n place easily. The UI could use a little work, a description for each button while hovering over top and the Unity default buttons for UI. Functionally it worked well and didn’t encounter any problems.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I am looking to see what users are actually using.

I have found that the URSim runs slower than the actual UR Controller. For example, a program I ran on the URSim had a time cycle of 1:30 minutes, but that same program running on our CB3 UR10 in simulation mode gave me a time cycle of 1:02 minutes. So, clearly, having enough computational resources to create an accurate simulation is important.

So to repeat this question, is anyone else using dedicated hardware to create their simulations or do you just use a typical engineering workstation laptop?

Hi John,

I do not have a solid answer for the reason it would be slower. I am sure someone at UR will follow this up, but I have seen the simulation software run slow in the past, assigning more RAM to the VM fixed the issue for me.

So it turns out that the URSim runs a slower execution rate than real time. That 1:30 was measured with a physical stop watch, but when calculating the time cycle using commands in Polyscope, I get the 1:02 minute time cycle.

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