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Is there a way to simulate workcell CAD models using the Offline UR Simulator?

We are trying to find out if there is the capability to add CAD models to the UR offline simulator or similar software from UR to do so. There seems to be a lot of third party software like RoboDK, Visual components, RoBIM etc. But is there a package from UR that allows Polyscope programming in a 3D environment where you can add CAD models too and program the cobots?

Simply put, is there a simulator from UR similar to ABB’s RobotStudio or Fanuc’s Roboguide?

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Hi Poolla,

We have software in UR Labs from Energid (now part of Universal Robot) for simulation and CAD model importing that we are testing for public use.

It support all UR models and has a SolidWorks add-in for model conversion.

Let me know if you want to participate in early access for this product.

Jeff Sprenger
UR Labs | Universal Robots

To contact me, send email (using my first name)


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Hi @jeff1,

i am interested in your product. have mailed you


Hi @jeff1 ,

We would be interested for that. I will going to send you an email shortly.


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