SICK Sbot safety scanner

Hello everyone,

We have a UR10e and are trying to install a nanoScan3 by SICK. During the setup in the installation tab → URcap we ran up onto an issue. The teach pendant is not able to find the nanoScan3. We have an ethernet cable that connects them but somehow the robot can not see it.
On the safety scanner we get an error message ‘no configuration’.

Can anyone help us out?


Do you give your robot an IP address ? Static or DHCP?

Hi jha,

The safety scanner has by default an IP-address of 00.00.00. In the settings we’ve also activated the ‘static address’.

Normally, you can change the IP address of the Sick

It would be in the same kind of address as the robot

What does it look like on your configuration?

Thank you very much!
We’ve been able to change the IP adresse and submask and are now able to connect with the safety scanner.