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Sbot Stop from SICK

Well my robot goes into production next Friday July 30th and in my lab setting I cannot get the Sick nano scan Sbot Stop to work. Has anyone installed one of these on an E series and had success?

Biggest issue is I do not have a 3PE therefore when entering the field it stops, when exiting it does not auto restart. It ask for hold down of 3PE, which I do not have hooked up. Is there a way around this? And what would the 3pe accomplish when I’ve jumped off every scenario that a switch could do. What am I missing?

Hello and thank you for your post-

First-to my knowledge, having a 3pe is not a prerequisite to getting the sbot stop to work.

Next-to get some clarity on your setup-are you using the URCap for the Sick product with your robot? the latest version of polyscope? Can you share the image/further info on what it is asking you regarding the 3pe that is limiting you from full functionality?

Lastly-if you would like to know more about the 3pe teach pendant, I’d recommend looking through this support article as it does a great job laying out what it is for and why we offer it. Universal Robots - Support Article for 3PE Teach Pendant

Thank you for the response

  • I am using the UR cap with the SBot stop, the tool / wizard of this software works just fine. I am able to use the URcap to program the Sick scanner with the UR

  • I am using poly scope 5.10, so although not technically the latest version it meets the prerequisite for the product per SICKs user manual.

  • under Installation —> safety —> I/O, I cannot select automatic mode safeguard stop (per SICKs install instructions) without having another I/O selected to be 3-position switch, the safety settings in the robot do not allow this, thus my issue. I wish I had a better picture and will get one ASAP but when I enter the field it stops, when I exit the field the “power on button” for the robot in the lower left corner turns yellow and is waiting for a signal from the 3PE

I am going to make a wild guess. Do you have a pair of configurable inputs set as “safeguard reset”? If so, there must be a safeguard reset switch connected to those two inputs. With this arrangement, the switch is required to re-enable the robot after a safeguard stop.

If there are not configurable inputs set as “safeguard reset”, the robot will re-enable when the safeguard stop signal returns to the safe condition.

Per the install instructions for the SBOT Stop with UR Cap, this is the safety configuration that they are suggesting.

I do not have a 3 position switch, however even with the three position switch I am confused as to how it would automatically restart once I am out of the laser scanning field if it is asking for acknowledgment from a switch.

If you do not have a 3-position switch, then might I suggest to see what happens if you leave config_in[4], config_in[5] unassigned?

Its not clear why that would be necessary unless using a 3PE.

So unfortunately from my understanding there has to be a 3PE assigned. In other words in the drop down “automatic mode safety stop” will not be a selection unless you have 3PE selected.

I will try to get a picture of this but that is the way it is set up in the polyscope, is there a way around this?

Thank you for the image. That clarifies a lot. The URCap has added an additional mode to be selected “Automatic Mode Safeguard Stop”. You will need to add a 3PE or equivalent to the circuit to use the Sick URCap.