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Shown and executed Script File is not the same


I have a project where I use a script file to define custom functions. For debugging I used global variables and the script command sleep(10) at some points in the code.
After the function was tested the variables were changed from global to local and the sleep-commands were deleted.

While using the function I saw that the global variables are still generated and the sleep-commands are exectued.

Opening the Script File showed that the variables are local and the sleep-commands are deleted.
Even if I delete the .script file and let the program run, it can execute the functions (also with global variables and sleep).

An old version of the script file seems to be included in the URP/ProjectScriptfile and is used to generate an script.bak file with old content.

Did this already happen to anybody of you ?
How can I fix the problem ?
How can I delete the old version of the Script file from the URP and Project-ScriptFile ?

For now i renamed my new scriptfile and the functions within so I can work with the newest version. If I dont rename the functions, the old functions will be called.

Happy to hear any oppinions/ideas.

Thank You
Best Regards,
Alexander Apostolidis

Hi, what software version are you running?


Im using polyscope 3.5.


And Script Programming Language Version 3.5.4

is it possible to delete the Script File from the URP-File ?
I need to work on this program.

Thank you

Perhaps some more useful information:
URProgram createdIn=“3.2.18654.0” lastSavedIn=“” is this a problem ?

The programming is done on the teach pendant and on a virtual machine.

I got it working by removing the old script file from the urp file-source code.
There were two versions of the script file included. This could be the root of the problem.