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Setting PROFINET I/O Device Name without PLC Software


i would like to setup a Profinet Device Name without having a gsdml file or any license for TIA Portal or other suitable software.

Is that possible?
I wonder that the device Name is not saved in the installation file.

you could take a look at the Proneta SW from Siemens.
There you should have the desired functionality.

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Thank you Stefan,
Using Proneta to change the name does work.
We’re also looking for a plug & Play Solution without a hands-on of the robot.
We’ll try a setup where the PLC does the Device Name Assignment on Initalization.


Also a very light tool ProfinetDiscovery with the package https://sourceforge.net/projects/profinetexplorer

… require winpcap to be installed (generally done with wireshark).


Dear all,

Has anyone managed to use the UR simulator (I am using URSim_Virtual-

to test profinet interface with Siemens S7-1200. I have issues to find the profinet device in the TIA protal at the final step for assigning the Profinet Guide - 20596.pdf (1.2 MB) name.
Please see the photo.
I have also attached the guidline issued by UR for Profinet configuration.

Thank You,

Dear all

Has anyone found a solution for this latest problem? Can profinet be used with the URSim?

Kind regards

It would also help a lot if this would be Part of the Installation. In case of replacing a robot you need a PLC Programmer with Remote Access to the Robot or at least a detailed Documentation to reconfigure this…