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Setting PROFINET I/O Device Name without PLC Software


i would like to setup a Profinet Device Name without having a gsdml file or any license for TIA Portal or other suitable software.

Is that possible?
I wonder that the device Name is not saved in the installation file.

you could take a look at the Proneta SW from Siemens.
There you should have the desired functionality.

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Thank you Stefan,
Using Proneta to change the name does work.
We’re also looking for a plug & Play Solution without a hands-on of the robot.
We’ll try a setup where the PLC does the Device Name Assignment on Initalization.


Also a very light tool ProfinetDiscovery with the package https://sourceforge.net/projects/profinetexplorer

… require winpcap to be installed (generally done with wireshark).


Dear all,

Has anyone managed to use the UR simulator (I am using URSim_Virtual-

to test profinet interface with Siemens S7-1200. I have issues to find the profinet device in the TIA protal at the final step for assigning the Profinet Guide - 20596.pdf (1.2 MB) name.
Please see the photo.
I have also attached the guidline issued by UR for Profinet configuration.

Thank You,

Dear all

Has anyone found a solution for this latest problem? Can profinet be used with the URSim?

Kind regards

It would also help a lot if this would be Part of the Installation. In case of replacing a robot you need a PLC Programmer with Remote Access to the Robot or at least a detailed Documentation to reconfigure this…

Hey Guys!
I’m having the same problem, i made a new install of polyscope to a USB stick and it works fine, but Profinet cannot connect. If i change back to the old pendrive it connects immediatley, but the new pendrive (and Polyscope) can’t make it happen. Same IP and serial number setup…
Do we know where the connection gets the IO device name from?