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Profinet change name

It will be a good idea to change the name of de device in the instalation tab o save the name in the installation file. When you change a robot with that comunication, you need a PLC programmer. This is no the philosophyof plug and play.

Hello @jorgevergara1993 ,

I can add this as a feature request if it is not already submitted. Can you give me a little more insight/detail. Do you mean the ability to push the device name from the installation tab to an external PLC? Do you have a specific case you ran into you can share with me, PolyScope version, PLC used, etc ?

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When you activate profinet, the name of the device is on the PLC (by default is iourdev). It is usual to change the name on profinet like UR10 for example. So what happend when that robot must be replace by another new UR robot? The name is imposible to change from the installation tab. In my opinion, it would be a good idea to be able to change the device name at the installation tab, this makes everything easy and it´s not needed any PLC programmer to change the name.

you can use Proneta to configure the Profinet I/O Device Name. This Software is rly straight forward and doesn’t need any PLC Programming Experiences.

But i agree that it would be a lot better to have the ability to set it in the Installation Tab so thumbs up for this Feature Request :+1:

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