Sending the X,Y values of a feature to a vision system


I am trying to create an auto-calibration procedure between my robot and vision system. the problem I am having is that I have taught my Vision FoV specific to a feature instead of base and I am trying to send the X,Y values of a waypoint relative to the feature instead of relative to the base. I have tried the get inverse pose trans script but my values aren’t exactly the same as what they show in the move tab when I am referencing the plane and checking my X,Y. they seem to be a few millimeters off. Is there any other way to expose the X,Y values of a specific waypoint that references a feature into a variable? It’s so frustrating because I can see the values plain as day in the move tab, I just can’t get them into a variable.

This could also be a Script request. get_actual_tcp_pose , feature

this would retrieve that value relative to the feature instead of base.

Thanks in advance,

Pretty sure this gets you what you’re asking for with your script command there:

PoseRelativeToFeature = pose_trans(pose_inv(FeaturePose), get_actual_tcp_pose())

I tried this in a new program and it worked fine. I’m not sure what I did differently that was causing the values to be off before.

Thanks a lot.