Script to assign gripper to certain ID #

Hello all,

I’m working with a robot that has (2) grippers upon the same robot end, both have URCaps. Recently a colleague shared with me that if the power goes out in our factory, the (second) gripper upon startup reassigns itself to gripper ID #1, thereby conflating itself with the original (first) gripper, both being assigned ID #1, instead of reassigning itself back to gripper ID #2.

Is there a way to fix this problem? Potentially a “script” that would assign a peculiar gripper to a particular ID in the “before start” of the program tree? Right now we just have a popup prior to start that tells the operator to double check the ID of the grippers upon starting.

Any ideas would be helpful, thank you.

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Are the grippers the same? Do they share a URCap (your post makes it sound like each has it’s own URCap, which makes me wonder if both grippers are the same, hence my 2 questions)?

I have 2 robots with 2 Hand-e grippers each and have never seen this.