Bug in Multi-gripper support API?

Steps to reproduce:

  • Install com.ur.urcap.examples.driver.gripper.dynamicmultigripper example URCap from SDK
  • Configure the Grippers in the installation (Gripper1 → Small, Gripper2 → Large)
  • Create a Program with two gripper nodes, One for small, one for large.
  • Set the small node for the largest width value and the large one for the smallest width value
  • save the program
  • create a new installation for the program or load an existing one
  • configure the installation dynamic gripper installation as before

Expected Behavior:
Gripper width capabilities should be configured correctly and independently for all Grippers.
Sliders should be able to configure 200mm for large gripper and 0mm for small gripper.

Actual Behavior:
All grippers always share the same capability (the last one selected inside the installation).
So in the example URCap either they both can be set to 0-60mm or both are set to 40-200mm.

See also video of teach panel: https://photos.app.goo.gl/54ujEMDL9KhXZYRBA

Workaround Suggestion:
No Idea. :frowning:
It seems to be related to loading an installation. As long as one sticks to the installation set on startup everything is fine.
According to my logging the SelectableGrippers are created correctly inside the GripperContribution when loading the installation. But something goes wrong afterwards behind the API

Robot Serial Number:
Don’t know at the moment. Will provide later if needed

Affected Version(s):
SDK 1.13
Polyscope 5.11