URCap to switch between URCaps

Hey there,

For my bachelors assignment I have been given the task to get a tool changer to work. This involves docking a gripper and fetching another one. The robot goes into error when a tool is disconnected since the communication is lost. We though about having a URCap which controls which URCap gets control over the RS-485 communication. So a ‘URCap director’.

Lets say I a gripper from brand A and a gripper from brand B. They both provide an URCap, URCap_A and URCap_B and I introduce URCap_C to set the voltage to 0 before docking to prevent ‘hot switchting’. Would it be possible to say in the program list of the robot to define which URCap is now in control?

URCap_A for controlling brand A gripper, then switch to URCap_C to set voltage to 0, fetch brand B gripper and activate URCap_B automatically.

Kind regards