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Safeguard Stop and RT Interface Programs

I’m running a UR5 CB3 series robot on PolyScope 3.6.1.

I am running the robot by uploading a program over the RT interface. If a safeguard stop is encountered while this program is running, then the robot will not automatically resume execution. I also cannot resume execution using the dash board interface port, nor can I resume execution by manually taping the “Play” button on the UR Teach Pendant interface.

Oddly, if I create or load a simple program on the Teach Pendant first, execute it, and then stop its execution with the “Stop” button on the interface, the next time I upload my program over the RT interface protective stops work as expected.

Any explanation for why this might be the case? Any work arounds for this problem?

I’ve managed to find a work around, but I’d agrue this is a work around that should not need to be made.

To get safeguard stops to work correctly for a program loaded over the RT interface, I must first load a urp program on the pendant using the dashboard interface. After this program has been loaded, I can load the program over the RT interface and everything related to safeguard stops appears to work as expected.