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Safety plane just for TCP


Our Cobot works with a hot tool and I´m trying to get the process safer. I want to create a plane that can´t be passed by the tool. That sounds like the perfect use for a safetyplane. The problem is, the robot stops too when the toolflange passes the safetyplane and that reduces the working space more than needed. Is it possible to edit the safetyplane on a way that just limits the TCP working space and nothing else?

You may want to check out the TCP safety settings shown here:


You can read a brief description in the User Manual Section on Tool Position, 21.15.

Link to download page: https://www.universal-robots.com/download/?option=77194#section77183

Thanks for your reply. I tryed to use this for my problem, but the robot still stops as soon as the toolflange passes the saftyplane.