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To limit safety planes

Hello everybody,
we got a tactical robot where the UR 10e is mounted on. Our question is it possible or how can we limit the safety plane?
The teach pendant is giving us the opportunity to set planes, but there infinite planes. I added a little picture (dont mind my skills).
At the end we will control the UR10e with the Radalytica 3D-Mouse.
It should be possible for the UR10e to work on the right side and below the green line. It should not be possible to work behind the red lines.
Is there anyway we can limit the “infinite” safety planes or set safety planes for a specific area like this? In URScript or with the Pendant. When in URScript examples would be awesome.

Thanks a lot!

Hello @jannikbirk

First welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

It is currently not possible to limit the range of the safety planes set in the UR’s safety settings. They will extend infinitely.
Depending on your setup and desired workspace you could use the angel limitations in the safety settings to reduce the potential movement in a safe way as well. But this may leave some angel configurations, which still violate your requirements.

Script does not allow to change any safety settings of the robot, but it can be used to monitor the robots TCP during program runtime. Should you not need the limitations of the robots movement done in a safe way, you can use a Script Thread to monitor your robots TCP and take the desired action, if it exceeds its limits.

Below you can find some potential Scriptcode. Please be aware, that this is not equivalent to the UR safety settings and will only check the TCPs position during the robot program is running.

thread checkTcpPose():
    currentTcpPose = get_actual_tcp_pose()
    if(currentTcpPose[0] < limit or currentTcpPose[1] > limit ... )
        #Action for leaving the area e.g. halt
    return False
thrdCheckTcpPose = run checkTcpPose()